Work With Me

You can work with me in the City of London and in Islington, London.  I work in English and Polish.

There are a few things worth considering if you’re thinking about starting therapy with me.

I’m a member of the Metanoia Institute (my alma mater) and a registered member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. What may be important for you is that I observe their codes of ethics. 

I don’t give advice or tell you what you should think or do. The answers are within you. I’m here to help you find them. 

I don’t offer a quick fix. The deep emotional change – and this is what I’m here to help you achieve – takes time but the results are there for life. 

I don’t focus on changing your thoughts. CBT has it’s merits but this is not what I offer. Emotions are primary to thoughts and they matter the most when it comes to wellbeing. Changing the way you feel by controlling your thoughts is possible but also energy consuming and requires constant monitoring of your thinking. I’m here to help you change the way you deal with emotions. It takes longer but once you do it you don’t need to think about it – you just react in a different way. 

I do focus on how you relate to yourself. Do you accept all your sides or feel that some of them are ‘bad’ and need to be kept away? Do you allow yourself to feel all emotions or you think some of them are ‘wrong’ and not worth feeling? Acceptance of what is there is the first step to emotional health. 

I do focus on how you relate to others. Do you respect the needs of others as much as your own or do you put one of them always first? What did you learn about relationships from important people in your life? To form good, emotionally nourishing relationships we need to recognise that our needs are as important as those of others. 

I do ask about your life story and how you learnt to cope with difficulties. Does that way of coping serves you well? Surely it worked in the past – that’s why you stuck with it – but circumstances changed and the old way of being may not work any more. I’m here to help you discover new ways of dealing with life. 

I would like to invite you to an initial session. 
It’s always good to meet in person and to check if your expectations and my expertise match. Plus you need to get sense of me as a person and to check if this is the right place for you. This is time when you can ask further questions about my way of working and what you can expect from psychotherapy. There is no obligation to commit to further sessions. 

Please enquire about session fees.