I’m Malgorzata (it’s pronounced /mawɡɔˈʐaa/) – a psychotherapist helping people to change their lives, create good relationships and fulfil their potential.

As you are reading this there is a good chance that you’re looking for a therapist for yourself or someone close to you. You may just be thinking about therapy and whether or not it’s an option for you.

Overall you are doing well.  You’re an interesting person and you have much to contribute to the world and those around you. You can see how much you’ve achieved so it’s even more bewildering that you don’t feel it.

You know others have it worse and you may feel you shouldn’t complain, especially in the face of all the suffering going on in the world.  Yet you do suffer too, though in a less obvious way.

You may struggle with relationships whether the romantic ones or the social ones. You may have difficulty with meeting people, maintaining intimacy or ending relationships that are not good for you.

You may have bouts of feeling low or anxious. You may at times loose control of yourself and say/do things you later regret. You may at times feel nothing.

You may be dealing with difficult past experiences or simply feeling that something just isn’t right. You may be dealing with loss or trying to understand yourself.

If it sounds good then Contact Me to arrange an initial session. Email is usually best but you can also call/text me on 0784 270 9945. Just remember that because of what I do I’m not always able to answer, but I’ll call you back.